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Prisoner Transport Systems New Leadership

GUY GARDNER | Owner/President

Hello, I am Guy Gardner. Owner and President of Quality Plastics since 1983. I am also the Division Head of Prisoner Transport Systems. I graduated BYU in 1982 with a Masters in Engineering. We have been making law enforcement equipment for well over 2 decades. I am confident in our product line because it has been purposely engineered for Law Enforcement officers safety and security..

ANDREW FOWLER | Sales & Marketing Director

Hello, I am Andrew Fowler. I am originally from Bakersfield, California. I now reside in Reno, NV. And work at our main office. I have over 10 years experience in sales and marketing. I have been with Prisoner Transport Systems since 2015 where I started in assembly and am now the Director of Sales and Marketing. I am dedicated to our product line, because it’s a product that I believe in.

Phone: (775)453-4762 Ext. 130


Hello, I’m Tommy Branom. I am originally from Sacramento, California. I now reside in Reno, NV. And work in our main office. I have over 10 years experience in sales and customer service. I started in assembly in 2015 for Prisoner Transport Systems, as well as ran the shipping department for Quality Plastics. I am now a dedicated sales representative. Everyone that has a job to do deserves to make it home safely. That is why I believe in this product. I look forward to speaking with you soon!

Phone: (775)453-4762 Ext. 121

TRACY GALE | Controller

Hi, I'm Tracy Gale. I am the Controller for Prisoner Transport Systems. I am originally from Arcata, CA. I've resided in Reno, NV for 25 years. I have two bachelors degrees. One in business and the other in accounting. I am an enrolled agent under the guidelines of the IRS. I am a Mother of two and a Grandmother of four. I support this product line because it provides our law enforcement with a quality product.

JACOB YARDLEY | Lead Engineer

Hello, I am Jacob Yardley. I am the Lead engineer here at Prisoner Transport Systems. I have a Mechanical Engineering degree from Utah State University. My father works in Law Enforcement and that's what started my interest in police equipment. I fully stand behind Prisoner Transport Systems products because they are the highest quality in the industry.

JAMES FERLINGERE | Purchasing Agent

My name is James Ferlingere. I am originally from Kansas City, Missouri. I moved here to Reno in 1991, and I love it here. I have worked for Quality Plastics since 2010. Currently, I am the Purchasing Agent for Prisoner Transport Systems. I fully support the Prisoner Transport Systems product line because I know what it takes to make this quality product, and I am glad to be a part of it.