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2012 - 2018

"Most Cargo Area and Seating Space"

Prisoner Transport Systems has developed and perfected a prisoner transport seating system to maximize the prisoner seating area and cargo space of the Ford Police Interceptor SUV.

​The framework of our seating attaches directly to the frame of the vehicle, offering roll over protection by unifying the seating support framework and the vehicle frame.

The PTS seat system is available with our OS-Belt® system and comes with our clean surface technology, which reduces or eliminates odor in the vehicle and provides a surface that can be cleaned quickly with just a rinse.


  • Innovative and Safe Framework That Does Not Take Up a Large Area
  • More Free Cargo Space
  • Easier to Secure Prisoners
  • Clean Surface Technology Keeps the Mobile Workstation Cleaner and Safer
  • Complete Rear Partition System Included